Goatzy Petz and Thingz


I'm Skiddo/Sigmund/Sid. I used to play petz when I was very young, and have just gotten back into it. I'll be posting downloadable petz stuff here (hexed breeds, playscenes, toyz, anything I make really). I'll also be posting my crew here. Check out the Thingz and Breeds pages, they have stuff now. Not a lot, but still stuff. I've also posted my show kitties to my petz page. I also have a tumblr page, linked at the bottom. My email is listed there as well. That's all for now, but check back soon!

I tend to post wip and extra stuff to my tumblr, so check there if I seem inactive on here.


1/4/2021; baaaa baaaa baaa'a baa!
14/11/2020; Updated petz and hexies page. Forever Fall Dalis and Snailz are now officially open for trade.
31/10/2020; Rag and Rug are open! Please do take a look at the most terrible petz to behold! (Clear cache!)
24/10/2020; Rag and Rug are here. (IMPORTANT: CLEAR YOUR CACHE)
19/10/2020; Added new hexes, updated info on petz page. It's still October. But there's no sign of movement since the first.
1/10/2020; It's October
23/9/2020; Added hexies page and updated linkz. Looking a lot more alive now. Also added updates section.

This cute bab is Felter, adopted from CMC.



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