Goatzy Petz and Thingz


Please let me know if there are any issues. All downloads are hosted through google drive, if this doesn't work for you, I can send them to you by request.

Grey goatz have been changed since this picture.


The very first breed I made, and also the first time I ever hexed. These goatz have over a dozen hours of my life put into them, and I love them a whole lot. They're a little wonky, they breed funny and I had to remove the middle part of their tongue because it refused to work. The original version I put up on my tumblr was not actually unibreed and had several issues which have been fixed in this version. (If, for some reason, you still want that version, you can look through my blog under the "goatz" tag.)


.dog file, based off of great dane

Non OW, Unibreed

Adoption Center Name: Goatz

Breed ID: 5704(1111)

Sounds: Sheep Sounds From Carolyn's(you'll need to download them yourself and place them in the resource/dogz folder)


Flags Represented (top to bottom, left to right):Pride Enby Philly pride Ace Pan Genderfluid Aromantic Genderqueer Demi girl Demi boy Mlm Agender Lesbian Trans Bisexual

Pride Wormz!

Notes: I adjusted the position of hats, so they should sit correctly. If nothing else, bows should work and look really cute.

There’s some size variations, with a low chance of an extra large. (In the picture above, the trans worm is extra small and the bi worm is the unusual extra large).

Known Issues: These guys do not breed proper 2nd gens. Like they can breed, but the colors are all wrong when breeding two of the same flag. Which is weird, and I don’t know how to fix.

You’ll notice a blue ball appear on the face intermittently. This has to do with the tongue and I cannot figure out how to fix it.

They’re silent, because I’d much rather have silent worms than ones that yap like chihuahuas. Oh, they’re based off of chihuahuas, but they are non-OW.


Dogz Breed

Non-OW, Uni-breed (I’m sure of it this time)

Sounds: None

Adoption Center Name: Pride Wormz

Breed ID: FFF8 (63743)




Prefix(es): Goatzy/GZ's