Goatzy Petz and Thingz


I might have to break this up eventually, but for now, any non-pet/breed thing I make goes here (playscenes, toys, food, clothes).

Please let me know if there are any issues. All downloads are hosted through google drive, if this doesn't work for you, I can send them to you by request.

A mineral block for your goatz!

It's important to make sure goatz have all the trace minerals they need in order to stay healthy. A great way to do that is with a mineral block. This one is based off of the leftovers.

These are based off of the leftovers, and provide food for the petz. There is multiple stages of sprites like the leftovers. They are non overwriting. They have a tendency to jump a bit when you try to set them down.

Game: Petz 5.

ID: 9D1D (7581)


(This is not what it actually looks like in game, I had to edit the gif myself. The pony is a shetland from VPZ.)

A curry comb, traditionally used for brushing horses.

Available for Petz 4 and 5, based off of the Blue Dog Brush.

Petz 5 ID: EE9F (40942)


Petz 4 ID: F9F6 (63225)


A barn playscene.

It has two ledges (the wooden bars by the door), a mouse hole, walls you can hang stuff from (The upper part of the walls beside the door), a diggable floor, and the right side of the door opens with sound. (It’s not perfect, but a nice touch I think.) Side note if something encounters the door while it’s in the open sprite, the graphics will kind of bug out, just click on the door again to fix this.)

I’ve packaged the Petz 4 and Petz 5 versions in separate .rar files, which include a README information .txt and the .wav sound file. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE README, YOU FOOLS. The Petz 4 version is called “Pet Barn” while the Petz 5 version is named “Petz Barn”. This was for my sake while organizing them.

Petz 5 Download

Petz 4 Download



Prefix(es): Goatzy/GZ's