Goatzy Petz and Thingz


These are my available trade thingymabobs. My prefix for hexed petz is GZ rather than Goatzy. Contact me at p3tg0atz@gmail.com if you're looking to trade. I can also be found on WW, RKC, Petzcord, and Petz Blackmarket. I suggest reading through all of my stuff, even if you don't see anything you like or don't think you have anything to offer. I'm a pretty flexible person.

Here's the run down. Don't take credit for anything I make and keep my prefix in if showing. Other than that, free game. For hexies, I'd prefer you send them back to me if you don't want them anymore.

What I like:

What I will offer (from least to most demanding trade requirements):

My Breedz

Customs of my available breeds! You can check them out on my breeds page. If you want a special colour, flag, or pattern. I reserve the right to say no, as with all things, but unless you're being weird, I'm probably willing to negotiate.


Hexed for the WW Incommodius Hexing Contest, tiny snailz based off of chinchilla persians. They use an external texture I made myself for the shell.

Standard Customization: Shell and body colour

Taken: Pictured


Forever Fall Dalis

No grow fall themed dalis I made for the season. I initially made the first one to fill a WW Scavenger Hunt prompt.

Standard Customization: Fall themed designs, colours, and textures

Taken: Pictured + 1


Warning Sign Kitties

These are my first available hexies. They're b+w sh with alley personality, made for a WW hexing challenge. These frazzled catz come with vibrant colour accents, and a whole lot of sass to back it up.

Standard Customization: Non-textured colour accents (unless external texture asked for), size

Taken: Pictured



Devilish goats, just waiting to go home with you. These guys are based off a wip Nigerian Dwarf breed. They're "Great Danes" and silent unless you have carolyn's sheep sounds in the dogz resource folder.

Standard Customization: Accents, base coat, horn colours and textures, placement and colour of pentagram (working on getting a right side up version with the point on top). Most things really, just ask.

Taken: Pictured + 1,2.


Hallow Chimeraz

Made for the WW Halloween Hexing Contest, these are based off of maine coons. They don't move perfectly, the neck in particular is wonky. I made the external texture for the snake tail myself.

Standard Customization: Colour of goat eyeballz and snake eyes

Taken: Pictured + 1

Limited, I'm picky about these ones

Coming Soon...




Prefix(es): Goatzy/GZ's