Rag and Rug's Mutant Emporium

This is where we host our shows! We don't expect these to get very much attention, but they're always open.

Each show allows up to five participants, with one mutant per person. Each only allow mutants or hexing accidents to enter.

Contact Skiddo with the petz' picture, your online name/info (where you can be contacted), and the petz' show/call name. Special graphics will be made for each participant.

Halloween Special

Send a picture of your mutant enjoying the one time of year where their horror is embraced. Toyz and clothez allowed. Spookiest pet wins. Yes, these shows are going to be biased, but they're mostly for fun.
0/5 Entrants

Skiddo's Contacts

  • p3tg0atz@gmail.com
  • skiddo#6654 on Discord
  • Skiddo @ fullofappreciation on RKC and Tumblr
  • Skiddo @ Goatzy on WW and PKC