Rag and Rug's Mutant Emporium

Oh what poor, unfortunate soul is this? Are you lost? Well, don't worry, you've stumbled into the most terrible place. Fear not, we promise not to hurt you.

Welcome to Rag and Rug's Mutant Emporium!

Here we keep and show the most terrifying abominations of hexadecimals. And who are we? well, we're Rag and Rug. Rag is on the left, Rug on the right. We host this terror show. We're abominations ourselves, a cross of Puppybonez and Goatzs.

Welcome! Our Mutant Emporium is officially open!

Say, it's opening day and this place is still looking a bit shabby around the edges, do you think you could help us cleanup some of the cobwebs lying around? There something in it for you, we'll make sure of that.

Our Mutants

Guest Stars