Rag and Rug's Mutant Emporium

Say hello to our array of mutants! Each pet featured here belongs to the Goatzy estate, and most of them were created by Skiddo himself. Those who were brought in will have their producer noted.
It's hard to keep track of so many external files, but most, if not all of them, use files from VPZ and Faepetz.


Herm, Werm, Merm, and Lerm

Some of the very first mutants bred at the estate, this bunch is a cross of a Ferretz and a Snow Leopard.
Herm, Werm, Merm, and Lerm. An excitable litter full of personality. The only one we know for certain is Lerm, the spotted one. This lot is always up to something: crawling through the cupboards, fishing up dead rats, and the like. Watch that they don't take something of yours right from your hands. Luckily, they tend to bicker quite a lot, and they make some noise when they fight.

Rave and tw

Siblings bred from a goatz and a pride wormz.
Rave and tw are an excitable duo. Rave, the larger one, is quite anxious and snippy while TW is arrogant beyond comprehension. Their personalities clash strongly, but they still stick close to one another.



Another cross of goatz and wormz. You'll find quite a few of those here, as they are breedz hexed by Skiddo himself. Perhaps you can take a look at them if you ever leave.
Legday is a lovely gal. She's always stressed, but she tries not to show it. She's been terribly sad since she lost her three children.

Another cross of goatz and wormz.
Wurmple is a perfect example of ignorance is bliss. Living in his own world, he is sibling to legday.



A funny cross of a VPZ Clydesdale and a dachsund
Full of fury and spite, Pumpernickel would destroy the world, if only her memory lasted longer than a milisecond.



A frightful child adopted from Twerkyvulture, Haunty is relatively normal. They enjoy playing, eating, and mostly normal things. Only problem being, they're very well dead. But, who are we to deny a dead dog their pleasures.

Also from Twerky, Corvus here is a lovely boy. He likes to think that he's all mysterious and broody, but in reality he's quite soft and friendly.



Some mix of Shire, Anthro Wolf, and who knows what else.
These rat eating devils never seem to run out of energy. They stomp around all hours of the day and night together. They used to have another sibling who disappeared after one of their late night excursions.



Bird, wolf, and perhaps a bit of snake.
Edge is a pathological liar, but very bad at lying. He's about as bright as his brother, Emo. He's also quite prone to injury.

Bird, wolf, and perhaps a bit of snake.
Emo...is a bit dim. But very earnest! Emo will do just about anything you tell him to. He's brother to Edge.

Marvin and Maggie

A dastardly mix of something vile.
Marvin, the prancing one, and Maggie, the one with wings, are brother and sister. They are also siblings to Myst. They enjoy peace and quiet.



The same kind of bastard as Marvin and Maggie.
Myst is a strange fellow, who seems to think himself unlovable. His only hobbies are wandering alone at night and weeping to the moon.