Rag and Rug's Mutant Emporium

This is where we host mutants that are not residents of Goatzy's estate. If you'd like to see your own little terror displayed, send Skiddo an email at p3tg0atz@gmail.com with a picture of them and the form below.
We accept both bred mutants and hexing accidents.

If you'd like your pet removed from the page for whatever reason, contact Skiddo again and inform him. They will be taken down, no questions asked. He can also be found on the RKC and Tumblr (Skiddo @ fullofappreciation), WW and PKC (Skiddo @ Goatzy), or on Discord (skiddo#6654)

Mutant Info Form

  • Your Owner Name:
  • Pet Name:
  • Pedigree: (What breedz went into the pet. If you know where to find them, please list their location. If a hexing accident, list the base.)
  • Extra Info: (Any fun facts, personality, or story. This can be several paragraphs of lore, or nothing at all. Please keep it reasonable. Nothing incredibly explicit or above M rating on AO3. I will let you know if there is an issue.)


Kangaroo Ack
Owner: Twerkyvulture
Pedigree: Great Dane/Anthro Wolf (Faewolf's Petz Archive)
This stubby-armed galloping biped was the result of an ethically questionable experiment. He is cowardly, anxious and has trouble making friends. There's nothing he can do about his grody green booger, so please just try to ignore it.


Owner: Rebecca/Saxafrass
Pedigree: Here
Produced by Skiddo's lovely sister, INVISIBLE is just as the name suggests: Invisible! INVISIBLE cannot have clothes put on, the bowler hat was affixed by temporarily unomitting the head ball so that the poor owner wouldn't loose her mind looking for the little shit. INVISIBLE is somewhat terrifying with how quickly they run around and makes horrific bull squid noises. A terror, truly!

Owner: Valiant Shadows
Pedigree: VPZ Clydesdale and Rahfel Arabian cross x Cheetah VPZ
TPB was found sleeping in a basket at the door of the Adoption Center. There wasn't a note on her basket, or a scent from whoever left her there, or even a print in the yard leading up to the AC. All that she had was a fuzzy little black orb that vanished if someone tried to touch it. Mysterious as her appearance was, nobody in the AC could resist taking her in. She hasn't caused any trouble for the other residents... yet.

Owner: Valiant Shadows
Pedigree: Great Dane x Irish Cob
Marley wants to be friends with everyone. Marley promises that he is the bestest boy. Marley asks that you leave leftover steak and beans for him. Right there, in front of him. He won't hurt you. Marley promises.