Heyo! I'm Skiddo/Sigmund, I used to play petz when I was very young, and got back into it in 2020. This is my site for my petz stuff (hexed breeds, playscenes, toyz, etc). I have a separate crew site for hexies and finished show petz linked under Petz. I also have a tumblr page for general petz updates, linked at the bottom. My email is listed there as well if you need to contact me.


brown kitten sleeping curled around pink heart treat

2/11/2022: Updated pridewormz breed with a few new flags and fixes
25/6/2022: Messed with some links, added a new texture pack that I found collecting dust.
30/4/2022: Added Goat Plushes, a new breed! Upadated taken snailz and a messed around with some links here and there.
2/4/2022: Major Code Update! Much more stable and accessible! Clear cache and refresh! Sadly no new content, and Rag and Rugs haven't been updated yet, aside from the entrance.
13/12/2021: Fixed up some links and deleted some old ones, changed an image in Thingz and added a new download! Vaporwave Skin, for Petz 5 carry case.
1/4/2021: baaaa baaaa baaa'a baa!
14/11/2020: Updated petz and hexies page. Forever Fall Dalis and Snailz are now officially open for trade.
31/10/2020: Rag and Rug are open! Please do take a look at the most terrible petz to behold! (Clear cache!)
24/10/2020: Rag and Rug are here. (IMPORTANT: CLEAR YOUR CACHE)
19/10/2020: Added new hexes, updated info on petz page. It's still October. But there's no sign of movement since the first.
1/10/2020: It's October
23/9/2020: Added hexies page and updated linkz. Looking a lot more alive now. Also added updates section.