Please let me know if there are any issues. All downloads are hosted through google drive, if this doesn't work for you, I can send them to you by request.

Currently ordered oldest to youngest from top to bottom.


Nine Petz Goatz, all different colors and ages randomly placed on top of white background with text Goatz!

Grey goatz have been changed since this picture.

Very first breed I ever made, and also the first time I ever hexed. These goatz have over a dozen hours of my life put into them, and I love them a whole lot. They're a little wonky, they breed funny and I had to remove the middle part of their tongue because it refused to work. The original version I put up on my tumblr was not actually unibreed and had several issues which have been fixed in this version. (If, for some reason, you still want that version, you can look through my tumblr blog under the "goatz" tag.)


Name: Goatz

.dog file, great dane base

Non OW, Unibreed

Breed ID: 5704(1111)

Sounds: Sheep Sounds From Carolyn's (Download them yourself for now)


Pride Wormz

Fifteen Petz Pride Wormz of different sizes, randomly placed on top of diagonal rainbow gradient background with text Pride Wormz! Wow! Wormz off the string what pride parade will they go to. That really transes my gender.

Flags Represented (top to bottom, left to right):Pride, Enby, Philly pride, Ace, Pan, Genderfluid, Aromantic, Genderqueer, Demi girl, Demi boy, Mlm, Agender, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual. Additional flags added in update: Multi-color queer, androgyne, omni, aroace, polysexual, greysexual, deminon-binary.

Second breed I ever finished, made to be silly fun. There’s some size variations, with a low chance of an extra large. (In the picture above, the trans worm is extra small and the bi worm is the unusual extra large).

Update released on 2 Nov 22: A few more flags (wanted to do more, but there's a lot that just can't be done with petz palette), fixed the tongue ballz issue, and they now breed better. Not perfect. Just better. Also non-unibreed versions to keep chihuahua personality intact.


Name: Pride Wormz

.dog file, chihuahua base

Non OW + OW, Petz 4 + 5 + Unibreed

Breed ID: FFF8(63743)

Sounds: None


Goat Plushes

Small adult black goat facing small adult white goat with baby black goat pictured below

AC pets at age 100 and age 12

Cute stuffed animal, plush like goat pets! I've been wanting some for a while and finally decided to make them. They're silly, and not very complex, but that's what I was looking for! (The actual plush texture didn't look good on them, so they just use standard hair3.)

These guys do breed correctly, for the most part. Their pupils and eyeshines get messed up a lot, sometimes dissapearing entirely in 2nd gens. Hours of work and I couldn't fix it.


Name: Goat Plush

.dog file, scottie base, dachshund scp

OW + Non-OW, Petz 4 + 5

Non-OW Breed ID: FF30(12543)

Sounds: Silent